When you've been a rock 'n roll fan as long as I have, it's exciting to see your longtime favorites inducted into the Hall of Fame. My all time favorite, Eric Clapton is the only 3 time (Yardbirds, Cream, solo career) inductee. The hall now has its first 2 time female inductee, the legendary Stevie Nicks! It's hard to believe she & Lindsey Buckingham made their now nearly impossible to find debut album more than 45 years ago. When Mick Fleetwood heard the record, he offered them a job in Fleetwood Mac & the rest is rock 'n roll history. "The Mac" were inducted into the the hall of fame in 1998. I've had the pleasure of seeing Stevie perform live 5 times, twice as a solo artist & 3 times with Fleetwood Mac. I've met her twice. A couple years ago, Steve Miller bashed the hall for being an exclusive "boys club." Stevie, along with the legendary Janet Jackson, will headline the class of 2019. She told Rolling Stone, "There is nothing better than being inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame."  Congratulations, ladies!

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