They say an idle mind is the devil's play ground. That's apparently true. I unexpectedly have the entire weekend off & I'm up to no good. I slept late Saturday, got my caffeine fix. It somehow seemed a Bloody Mary was in order. I love to improvise, having put bacon, shrimp, crawfish, sausage, meatballs, and other items in these concoctions. This one has 4 Trappey's jalapeno slices, a teaspoon of Zatairan's horseradish, a sizeable squirt of Zatairan's sweet spicy mustard, worchestershire, Tobasco, a tablespoon of salsa, 3 Cajun Chef spiced beans, 2 shots of vodka, and a stick of pepperjack cheese that kept sinking while I tried to take the photo. It tastes pretty good to me.

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