I love eggs, mayonnaise, and eggnog but I don't know how I feel about eggnog made with mayo.

Food Wishes YouTube
Food Wishes YouTube

This year, Hellmann's mayonnaise wants you to try incorporating mayo into your eggnog. The third component of mayo is eggs. They even assert that it performs even better than egg yolks.

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This month, "Frozen Mayo-Nog" is being offered for sale at a location in New York. On December 15th, it debuts on the menu at a bar called Amy Fontaine's.

They published the recipe so that everyone else could make it themselves:

Along with milk, heavy cream, simple syrup, nutmeg, vanilla essence, cinnamon, and four teaspoons of mayonnaise, each cup also contains rum, brandy, and cognac.

There's no way I would try this if I knew it was made with mayo unless there was money involved.  Would you drink it?  Let us know in the comments of our Facebook post.

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