I went out with a friend Friday night. We had a fabulous round of drinks and an appetizer and we flipped coins to find out who had to pay the bill.

The bill total came out to $30. I always round up and I try to tip over 20% when the service is great. I told the bartender/waitress to do the math and I made the total $50.

I checked my American Express card charges yesterday and saw that my Friday night cost me an extra $10.10. My card was charged a total of $60.10 and I went to look for my receipt and I noticed I couldn't find it and realized I left it behind.

It was then I had flashbacks to when I waited tables. I got conned. Here is your reminder to NEVER leave that customer copy behind and always fill it out. I remember catching people alter their credit card slips not thinking that the customer would notice. Think about it, several people leave both of their copies when they go to leave the table. How easy is it for someone to say they got a $15 tip instead of an $8 tip? By the end of the week, you have stolen $300 from unsuspecting customers and it's a hard thing for managers to catch.

Most people don't notice because they don't check every single transaction.

Unfortunately for this bartender/ waitress, I am a radio DJ who budgets down the nickel and I will catch every single extra charge. I called the restaurant and spoke to a manager I kept my cool. I needed the $10.10 refunded because I only agreed to a $20 tip and not a $30 tip.

After I spoke to a few friends they all claimed I needed to call in and just cancel my tip altogether. I won't go that far, but man am I fuming.

How can you avoid this happening to you? Always check your credit card statements and or bank statements and sign both receipts and keep one on you. Make sure the total adds up. I won't be leaving behind any receipts ever again and you shouldn't either.

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