Millions of people tuned in to watch the (rescheduled) SpaceX launch from Cape Kennedy on Saturday, but did you know that the SpaceX program has connections right here in Acadiana?

A local man who knows something about most any subject (for reelz, though: have you ever sat down for a conversation with him? He's very well-read) Kaliste Saloom posted a photo of the first stage of the SpaceX rocket safely on "Earth" (in the ocean, actually), on a unit built in Morgan City.

In the "old days", stages from rockets, once separated, would either burn up falling through the atmosphere, or they would fall into the ocean, with either scenario rendering the stages useless. The space shuttle's solid rocket boosters would fall into the ocean and be recovered, with some parts being salvaged, refurbished, and used in future boosters. SpaceX rockets can "RTB" (return to base) and land safely, which causes (almost) no damage, so the rockets can be refurbished and reused which, as you would imagine, will save millions of dollars.

It's so cool to know that Louisiana (and Acadiana) is contributing to space exploration.


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