Southern homes are truly beautiful.

If you've ever walked through a historic district in the deep south chances are you were in awe while looking at some of the homes.

Most southern homes have a huge porch attached to them and many may even have a few doors to enter the house.

However, most southern homes with large porches have one door designated as its 'Hospitality Door."

Often this door was set back or set aside and it is the one door guests knew to look at when approaching the house.


You see, there was once a time when people actually came together to visit and converse, but with this digital age that we're in, too many no longer just walk in for a visit.

Think back to the day of being at your grandparent's house and it was not uncommon for their friends to just show up for a cup of coffee and/or a conversation.

Well, back in the day the "Hospitality Door" was the indication if guests were allowed or encouraged. Yes, if the door was left open or ajar, that meant that the homeowner was open for guests.

In the event of the homeowner not wanting guests at the time, the designated door on the house would be closed, and everyone knew that.

So, the next time you're looking at a historic home or huge southern home, look for the "Hospitality Door." Again, it will be the door that is offset or away from all other main entrances.



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