Call me old-fashioned but I find something very comforting in hearing a rumble of thunder and the splash of raindrops on my roof on a summer afternoon. Having grown up in the Gulf South, it's just what the weather does this time of year. And, if it weren't for those afternoon and early evening thunderstorms, can you imagine just how hot it would be?

Forecasters with the National Weather Service Office in Lake Charles seem to be suggesting that folks who live in Lafayette or east of Lafayette across the Atchafalaya Basin will have a good chance of napping during a shower or thunderstorm today.

If you live west of Lafayette, say over toward Lake Charles or even north and west of Lafayette like Leesville, it does look as if your rain chances will be smaller and thus, your afternoon temperatures a few degrees warmer.

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The NWS in Lake Charles is prognosticating rain chances around Leesville and Lake Charles to be about 40% for the day. While in the Lafayette area and eastward those rain chances are about 60%. Now, you do know what forecasters mean by a 60% chance of rain, right? Since you probably don't, take a minute and learn something by visiting this story right here. 

Rain chances for all of South Louisiana will diminish slightly over the weekend. That bodes well for all the baseball action taking place in Youngsville this weekend. It also bodes well for parents who are going to spend the weekend shopping for back-to-school clothes too.  Here's when everybody goes back.


Does your school system allow jeans at school this year? Several of them have amended their dress codes to include blue jeans.

The drawback with the reduced rain chances means that afternoon temperatures will be climbing out of the lower 90s and into the middle and upper 90s for the weekend and next week. So, be careful what you wish for, you might just find yourself having to sweat it out if your wish comes true.

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