We're a nation, No!...a world of addicts. Phone addicts. I've watched people walk across streets, into traffic, without looking up from their phones, been on dinner dates where my dining companion wouldn't leave her phone alone...No second date. I've been guilty of phone addicted behavior myself, bet you have, too. Much of this behavior is not only rude. It's potentially dangerous. Here are some tips from lifehacker.com to help you curb the habit.

#1 When you're in the car, put your phone away! Whatever it is, it can wait.

#4 Turn notifications off. When I was a smartphone newbie, notifications drove me crazy! Turn them off. You're not a Pavlov's dog.

#5 Set a time limit on your browsing sessions. Use the clock app & set a timer.

#7 Don't use your device in bed. Exposure to the blue light will make it harder to get to sleep.

Click here for 10 tips to curb the phone habit.


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