A video of two men brawling on the side of a Houma highway is getting attention on social media. While no one is quite sure what ignited the fisticuffs, folks from the area are recognizing the ridiculousness of two men throwing hands in broad daylight.

Imagine driving down the highway only to see this...


Yes, that is two grown men fighting on the ground on the side of LA HWY 660 in Houma, LA. As the person taking the video approaches the situation, we get a better idea of what exactly is going on.


One man is on top of the other, throwing punches at the side of his head. The scene really seemed to be getting out of hand.


Going off of context clues, the incident is happening in front of the 'Halliburton Welcomes You To Houma' sign. Quite the welcome people were getting on this sunny day.

Although there aren't any other details provided, you can see the man on the bottom of the scrum's shoes are gone - but not completely out of sight. A pair of shoes can be seen sitting placed nicely in the grass in the background of the shot. Seemingly, the man who is on the ground took his shoes off before this fight began.

Hopefully, whatever differences these two men had is settled.

Now, check out the full video posted by @JMoney223_ on Twitter below.

Many on Twitter began recognizing the absurd scene with their own thoughts. See some of those reactions below.

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