A man in North Louisiana was seen driving through Shreveport and even on the highway with a huge giraffe in the back of his truck.

Several photos have surfaced on social media of the man and giraffe, and some were even left asking if the animal was real or stuffed.

While this is very entertaining, we hope that no one was distracted by this bit of entertainment on the roads in parts of Shreveport, Louisiana.

One photo shows the man at Popeyes and another photo that we came across on Facebook shows the man driving down a road with this "attraction" in the bed of his truck.

Do not worry, the giraffe is not real and the man who was spotted with this huge stuffed animal may have just been celebrating "National Giraffe Day".

Yes, June 21 is reserved for "National Giraffe Day" and this man has probably been waiting for this day for quite some time.

Here are more photos of the giraffe that many are talking about today in parts of North Louisiana.


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