What I saw for sale at the front door of a grocery store in Lafayette, La. this week had me scratching my head.

Summer here in south Louisiana has been brutal, we have had several days of the temperature here reaching or surpassing the 100-degree mark.

We are all looking for ways to stay cool or cool off, and the last thing we need is more heat.

And while I know what is to come, cooler temperatures in the fall months, I didn't quite understand why a grocery store chain in the deep south would have this for sale as we enter what could be the hottest month of summer.


As I was walking into the grocery store on the first day of August, something for sale caught my eye at the entrance of the store.

Normally you see things like chairs or plants at the entrance of the store, but now there are bundles of firewood in their place. Yes, as we enter August in south Louisiana this one grocery store chain has firewood for sale NOW!

It takes a lot for me to stop in my tracks and look at something, but I completely stopped and read the sign, while observing a stack of wood at the entrance of the store.

And I'll be the first to tell you, I love a nice fire outdoors, but the last thing any of us need now during this heat wave is a fire to sit near outdoors.


I should note here that this is NOT the decision of the local employees, this is likely a timed decision by those at the corporate level for this grocery store chain, but could this have not waited at least until the middle of September?

I did not purchase any wood, but as soon as I feel that first fall breeze like many of you, I too will be back at this store to get wood to burn.

Until then, let's sit and enjoy the cool air conditioning in our homes. And for those wondering when Fall officially arrives, that would be September 23.

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Staff Photo


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