When my friend from Boston was visiting in October, she had Zapp's Potato Chips for the first time at Judice Inn and she loved them. So, for Christmas I'm sending her and her family a whole box of chips from the Gramercy-based company. I don't have to go shopping or pack all of that because Zapp's will ship them directly to her in the Greater Northeast! This got me looking for other things you can ship to friends and family who are missing home or who would love a taste of Louisiana for Christmas. If you have some more suggestions, please comment to contribute your ideas.


  • Debbie Ray, Townsquare Media

    Zapp's Potato Chips

    My favorite has long been the Cajun Crawtater, but the kettle-cooked chips are good in any flavor!

  • Community Coffee via Facebook

    Community Coffee

    A good cup of coffee always brings people together and a discussion of coffee in Lousiana always includes Community.

  • Classic Golden Pecans via Facebook

    Classic Golden Pecans

    Nuts are always a favorite during the holidays and Classic Golden Pecans can ship a little cheer to all your favorite nut-loving (or nutty) friends and family.

  • louisianafigandfruitcake.com

    LA Fig and Fruitcakes

    If you grew up in Louisiana, you probably have fond memories of your Grandma's fig tree (or a neighbor's, or your Tante Marie's.) What could be better than a delicious slice of homemade fig cake!

  • Meche's via Facebook


    You can send a Meche's King Cake decorated in the holiday colors of your choice year-round!