This was good.

Shaquille O'Neal was reportedly pulled over in Houston for speeding and that is when Shaq used the mishap to his advantage.

After being pulled over by an officer in Houston, the former LSU Tiger had the officer who stopped him cut a promo for the show that he is on, which airs on TNT.

In the "promo" the officer, who standing there with Shaq says, “I’m Officer Miles with Houston PD, I just pulled over Shaquille O’Neal for speeding down here in Texas. You’re watching the NBA on TNT.”

O'Neal recently purchased a home near Dallas, Tx., but with new business adventures in the Houston area, Shaq has been looking to purchase a home in Houston too.

Check out this great interaction between Shaq and the officer.

For those who know Shaq or have followed him throughout his career, you know that he is all about having fun, and this proves the point from his show on TNT.


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