Shakira is a beautiful runaway bride in her video for 'Empire.' You can tell by the look on her face that she has second thoughts and cold feet as she walks down the aisle and eventually bolts, ditching her bouquet along the way.

The Latina dynamo makes a brave and scary choice, and she (and her veil) eventually catch fire, quite literally, and she ends up in the ruins of the church in which she almost exchanged vows.

Shakira, who also resembles a fairy princess a frilly gown in the clip, wasn't burying the message that she was trying to get across in the video, which is certainly and obviously a visual metaphor for starting over.

But Shak makes that often difficult scenario look sexy and empowering as she lets go and moves on. Besides, how sexy does she look in that low-cut, black dress as she twirls around and shakes those hips that famously don't lie?