Do y'all remember when we were complaining about how cold it was? Well, that's all out the window as of today. The high temperature in Lafayette could be approaching 90 degrees later this afternoon. Okay, it's officially supposed to be 87 but who is going to notice those three degrees, right? Granted, it is the first Monday in May but goodness, couldn't we wait until Memorial Day weekend before we start having to talk about the heat index?

There is a good news/bad news scenario with today's forecast. The good news is that overly warm temperatures will only be here for a day. The bad news is that a round of strong thunderstorms and possibly a severe weather event will be the reason that things cool back down to seasonal norms.

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Here's the setup, a cold front pushing through Texas will enter Louisiana during the day on Tuesday. Ahead of the front strong southerly winds will spread an abundance of Gulf of Mexico moisture over the area. That front combined with that moisture will likely create a severe weather scenario that will affect most of Louisiana on Tuesday.

There is an enhanced risk of severe weather in the extreme eastern and northeastern portions of the state. There is a slight risk of severe storms over another large portion of Louisiana. This includes the cities of Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Monroe. You can see in the graphic below how the Storm Prediction Center has laid out the threat.

The timing for the severe weather threat suggests that we won't likely see the worst of the weather until later in the day on Tuesday. You can see from the GRAF Model run that was published by Meteorologist Bradley Benoit on the KATC television website, that the KATC crew isn't expecting the bulk of the bad weather until after the workday for most of us on Tuesday.

Courtesy Bradley Benoit/KATC

Bradley Benoit with KATC tells us that heavy downpours will also be possible with some of these storms. Rainfall amounts of two inches or more could be possible in some of the heavier storms but most areas will not see that much precipitation.

Once the storm threat passes through the area late Tuesday or more likely early Wednesday morning the rest of the workweek appears to be wonderful. Temperatures will be just a little cooler than normal with high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. Those clear and calm conditions should remain in the area through next Saturday.

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