December 7th, 1941, "A date that will live in infamy!" The surprise attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor was a crushing blow, in the short term. There were members of the Imperial high command that opposed the attack, fearing it would awaken a "Sleeping giant." Their fears were well founded. The industrial might of the US was second to that of no nation. They badly underestimated America's ability to recover. I digress. Here are 7 things about Pearl Harbor, the Huffington Post says may surprise you.

#1: 6 of the eight battleships were repaired and eventually returned to service. Only the Oklahoma, and Arizona were total losses.

#2: All survivors have the option to be buried there. (Survivors of the Arizona have the right to have their ashes placed onboard.)

#3: The Arizona "bleeds." She had taken on a full load of fuel the day before the attack (well over a million gallons). Drops  of oil float to the surface at the rate of just over 2 gallons a day.

#4: Service personnel maintained the memorials during the 2013 government shut down.

#5 The largest group of international visitors come from Japan.

#6: The ashes of a baby girl who died at birth are entombed aboard the USS Utah.

#7: 5 million gallons of fuel have settled into a 20 acre area below the harbor floor.

I hope you've found this interesting. After you read it, please take a moment...


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