We hear so many incredible stories of heroic deeds about American soldiers throughout the history of. Countless soldiers risked life and limb to save fellow soldier's lives in unimaginable circumstances. Well, this story about a dog who's excellent hearing served as an aircraft radar detector for a group of young soldiers has gone untold...until now.

The story of Gunner was posted to Facebook by Ian Brown, and I saw it on Gloria G Renderos-Frias page because she shared it.

Gunner was a dog that a group of American soldiers found while fighting against the Germans in WWII. Each soldier would routinely share some of their rations to keep Gunner fed. Brown says his uncle was one of those soldiers, and brought Gunner home with him when the war was over.

As Brown says in this post, no one knows the story of Gunner, so he decided to make sure people did.

Gunner the WWII Dog

What's so great about Gunner is, he helped the you soldiers detect enemy aircraft, and according to Brown's uncle. Gunner was never wrong. According to the story, Gunner was actually "better than any early warning system" when it came to letting everyone know enemy aircraft was near.

Gunner's ears were so good he knew the difference between the sound of German planes and American planes. Obviously a dog's hearing is much, much better than a human's hearing, so I'm guessing ole Gunner heard certain frequencies in the sounds the engine's made that we can't, and he heard a difference.

Ian Brown says his uncle told him that by the time Gunner was 18 months "he would stand up and look at the sky. If he laid back down they new all was OK. If he growled and put his hackles up they got at the ready. He new the sound of the German aircraft and my uncle said he never got it wrong."

Gunner the WWII Dog
Photo Via ronproject.com


How great is that?

Ronprject.com also covered the story of Gunner the WWII dog and brought to light an important point about not just Gunner, but countless other military dogs sent to war.

"Military dogs have long been enlisted to serve alongside their human handlers. Their amazing sense of direction and smell make them adept at detecting weapons and bombs. And we continue to commemorate their service to us."

Below is the original story about Gunner shared by Gloria G Renderos-Frias.

This dogs name was gunner my uncle brought him back from WW2 he was raised and slept under my uncles anti- aircraft gun....

Posted by Gloria G Renderos-Frias on Saturday, March 6, 2021


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