I remember once when I was a kid my uncle stopped his truck to pick up a huge turtle on the side of the road to make a delicious turtle sauce piquant. He picked up and carried the turtle just like this Ukrainian man picks up a live landmine explosive in this video.

In the past week or so video has been flooding the internet, giving the world a sobering view of the Russian war against Ukraine.

These videos are also showcasing the determination of Ukrainians to win this war.

Already legends have been born, such as "The Ghost of Kyiv Pilot", and the Ukrainian farmer who used his tractor to steal a Russian tank.

Now, there's another one to add to the list.

Ukrainian Man Picks Up Anti-Tank Mine

In this video from War-Leaks Video on YouTube, a Ukrainian civilian notices an anti-tank mine on the side of the road.

No big deal for this guy. He just picks it up, lit cigarette in his mouth and all, and walks it across the road to put it somewhere "safe".

From War-Leaks Video -

"A video that shows how the civilian population of Ukraine got involved with the war in their country shows a Ukrainian civilian removing a landmine from a road without any fear.

The man is seen carrying the mine what appears to be an Anti-tank mine with his bare hands away from the road.

Usually, they are not intended to be triggered by personnel on foot."


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