Tennis legend and one of the world's top-female athletes, Serena Williams, was forced to retire during the first round of Wimbledon due to an injury and some are saying it may be her last appearance at the tournament ever.

Williams fell to the grass surface below after letting out a loud grimace during the first round of Wimbledon 2021. The entire crowd let out a massive sigh of disappointment and fear as many wondered if it was Williams' last time playing in the historic tournament.

This would be tragic news as @3ptCnvrsn pointed out on Twitter, she is only one grand slam away from an amazing accomplishment.

With rain being an issue this particular day in London made for a slippery grass surface. From a visual standpoint, the slipping seemed to be exactly what caused Williams' injury.

Twitter via @Serveandvolley9

Williams' was able to return the volley fine, but it was the next change of direction that resulted in her reaching for the ground in pain.

Twitter via @Serveandvolley9

As the tennis legend rest upon the grass surface, just about everyone in the arena became concerned for her well being.

Twitter via @Serveandvolley9

But, Williams was able to stand up on her own power to walk off of the court with her head up.

Twitter via @Serveandvolley9

As Williams walked to center-court to shake hands with her opponent, she put her racket up and waved to the crowd.

Twitter via @Serveandvolley9

With her hand over her heart, some are assuming that this was Williams' final goodbye to the world's oldest tennis tournament.

See the full clip from Wimbledon when Williams went down and decided it was time to end the match, followed by a standing ovation from the crowd, via @espn below.

Many on social media are demanding that something be done about the court conditions at Wimbledon after Williams suffered the second injury of the day on the very same court.

While Williams ankle so tragically could not hold up in the tough conditions, sports fans around the world recognize her greatness and everything she has accomplished. I think this one Twitter post sums it all up perfectly, via @AstasiaWill.

A legend, indeed.

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