This is the kind of story that gives me all the warm and fuzzies. This is truly Christmas magic. An anonymous shopper went into a Walmart in Tennessee on Monday and paid $64,995.51 of layaway balances. This isn’t the first time the Christmas Miracle has happened. In 2019 a man in Alabama paid over $45,000 to cover the remaining layaway balances. The generosity of these ‘Secret Santas’ is incredibly heartwarming. It’s an act of kindness that makes a huge impact this time of year, especially this year.

Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images

According to MSN, shopper Lloyd Leonard initially thought it was weird when he got a notification that his layaway had been paid off. Shortly after that notification, a manager let him know that it was paid off by a very generous person that wanted to deliver the message, “he loves you, God bless you and Merry Christmas.”

Another shopper, April Hilliard, go the same message and she got emotional and broke out in tears. She said the kind gesture has restored her faith.

This mystery man spread so much holiday cheer and love by his generous act of kindness.  Simply beautful.

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