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New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton had been dealing with being infected by the deadly coronavirus but since has recovered after self-quarantine.

He and his family are still in isolation as we all should be at this trying time and on Sunday night Payton gave us a little insight into his offensive playcalling mind.

So, how exactly did Payton do that? He drew up some of his favorite plays and put them up on his Twitter account of course.

He started off by giving us the lingo for some of the calls plus one play to find Michael Thomas, which is never a bad idea:

He would go on to share these other gems for you aspiring play-callers or just general Saints fans:

It's not surprising that an offensive mastermind would turn to drawing up some plays in his now abundant spare time. This was a cool inside look into some of the plays the New Orleans offense consistently runs, you normally don't get to see things like this.


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