Sean Payton is just like the rest of us.

While we all got up in arms over the non-call in the NFC Championship game, the following days and week(s) after had most fans in the dumps. We were (are) sad. We were (are) mad. What do most of us do in those situations that we can't help?

Dim the lights, turn on Netflix and eat ice cream, of course. Turns out, that's exactly what Sean Payton did too.

“I’m back to ice cream and the Netflix,” Payton said. “There’s a point where you know things aren’t changing and then you get wrapped up in a new series and a new episode, and then it comes back again, and you get wrapped up in a new series and a new episode.”

Of course, Payton got many a call from people around the league, including Jon Gruden, who coached the Oakland Raiders during the infamous "Tuck Rule" that put the Patriots in the 2001 Super Bowl. The next season, The Raiders had a chip on their shoulder and went all the way to the Big Game.

“Certainly, a chip on your shoulder has always been a healthy edge for anyone,” Payton said. “Certainly, the Raiders had a chip on their shoulder for a couple of years and won a lot of games. But I think today’s athlete, I think it’s the bond that’s created in the locker room and not wanting to let each other down, wanting to play their best game for each other.”

So, Sean Payton really is just like the rest of us...he just has a platform to possibly make some changes that we can't. He's on the Competition Committee that will eventually be talking about rule changes...perhaps one that can keep other teams from having to bury themselves in Netflix and Ice Cream, and instead be where they should be. The Super Bowl.

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