There's been a lot of gumbo talk around the Saints-Rams NFC Championship Game this Sunday and we aren't even mad about it.

But Sean Payton not liking gumbo, that's something that's something that'll turn a head or two!

During Wednesday's meeting with the media, Payton said he didn't really like seafood and added, "I'm more of a midwest steak and potato kind of guy."

So why the gumbo talk you may ask?

Back in November the Saints and Rams played, with New Orleans victorious 45-35. In the game, Saints star receiver Michael Thomas racked up over 200 receiving yards.

After the game, Sean Payton was asked about it. He told reporters that he "really liked" the matchup between Thomas and Rams cornerback Marcus Peters. In fact, he reiterated that he "really, really liked" the matchup.

That got Peters fired up. He rebutted with the following: “Tell Sean Payton, keep talking that (stuff). We’re going to see him soon. You feel me? Yeah. ‘Cause I like what he was saying on the sideline, too. Tell him he can keep talking that (stuff), and I hope he sees me soon. You feel me? Then we’re going to have a good little, nice little bowl of gumbo together.”

Earlier this week Peters even tweeted "gumbo week." (He's since deleted the tweet.)

Rams head coach Sean McVay jumped into the fray earlier this week during Peters' press conference by yelling, "Let me get some of that soup!"

Bruh, it's not soup. Someone please tell that boy better.

Fast forward to Wednesday and Sean Payton shied away from a word war through the media. He simply said he has nothing but respect for Peters.

"I'm a huge Marcus Peters fan," Payton said. "A lot of it was friendly banter, but he's a tremendous player, a real talented player with dangerous ball skills. He's someone that you have to know where he's at all times."

The forecast across Louisiana will be quite chilly on Sunday. Expect pots of the delicious Cajun cuisine to be fired up come 2 pm when the Saints host the Rams in the NFC Championship Game.

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