The biggest question surrounding the Saints for the last couple of years has to be who will replace the future Hall of Fame quarterback in Drew Brees.

Sean Payton addressed this issue this week on Tuesday as a guest on the "Huddle and Flow Podcast" hosted by NFL Reporter's Steve Wyche and Jim Trotter.

So, Jameis Winston or Taysom Hill? First of all, there was a narrative out there that the reason why the Saints decided to go with Hill over Winston when Brees went down was that Jameis wasn't ready. Payton says, that couldn't be further from the truth and that they love the work that Winston has put in since he's been with them.

However, the real interesting piece of this conversation was that before the season started and even before Jameis was brought in that Payton said that he gave Taysom his word that if anything were to ever happen to Brees this year that he would be the guy.

Now, I believe that was based upon everything that he's been willing to do for this team in order to try and help them win football games over the past three seasons. Taysom Hill is literally the definition of a football player, there may actually be a picture of him in the dictionary if you can even find one of those things anymore.

"I feel like our next quarterback is in the building." That's what Payton had to say when speaking about these two guys and that shows you how highly he thinks of both of these quarterbacks. Sean knows that he's got a good core of a football team and the quarterback doesn't have to play Superman for them to compete for a Championship. The starting quarterback has to be able to make plays, not turn the football over, and be a good leader. I believe either of these guys could be that.

Winston has shown us that he can be a productive passer during his early tenure in the league but has struggled with interceptions. Hill, has shown that he can be dynamic and can actually throw the football but he's developed a fumbling issue that needs to be cleaned up.

Payton didn't specify which guy he believes can or will be the replacement for Drew Brees but he does like the makeup of both of the guys he's got in that quarterback room right now.

If you want to watch the entire conversation, you can check it out here on YouTube:



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