It's always nice to live in a community where citizens take pride in where they live. And it appears that the good folks of Scott fit into that category.

The City of Scott was announced earlier this week as the recipient of the Cleanest City Award.

The distinction was presented to the city by the Louisiana Garden Club Federation, which has been putting on the statewide contest since 1958. The aim of the contest is to instill civic pride in the individual citizens and thus, improve the appearance of towns and cities.

In a post on Facebook, Scott Mayor Jan-Scott Richard had this to say about the award:

The City of Scott won the cleanest city award yesterday.


A special thanks to the committee, led by Mrs. Claudette Leblanc, our public works staff, our administration, our business owners, our schools, and you, the citizens for your efforts.


The judges were very impressed with our municipal grounds, school/community involvement, and our roundabout entrance.


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You and congratulations, let’s continue to show our pride by keeping our city clean!


City of Scott, Facebook
City of Scott, Facebook

We tip our hat to all the citizens of Scott for their great work in keeping up such a nice city and taking pride in where they live.

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