It seems like the Rolling Stones have been around for as long as I can remember. I remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show when I was a small boy.

Their concerts are more than concerts. They're events. I saw the Stones at the Superdome in '94, and again at Turner Field in Atlanta in '03. They hit a rare milestone for a rock band when they celebrated 50 years together with their "Fifty and Counting" tour. Mick Jagger is about to celebrate a personal milestone that I'd guess is rare for an active member of a Rock 'n Roll band. He's about to become a great grandfather.

Rolling Stone reports Mick's 21 year old granddaughter Assissi is expecting in early 2014. Jagger celebrated his 70th birthday earlier this year.  The band has recently announced plans to tour Australia, and New Zealand next year.


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