Rod Stewart recently went public about his battle with prostate cancer. The 2012 Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame inductee was given the all clear this summer. Rod was diagnosed in 2016 during a routine check up.

Prostate cancer is the fourth most common form of cancer in the world. My father had it. My uncle had it, and my brother had it. It didn’t kill any of them. Prostate cancer is easily treated if it’s detected early. Less than two years ago, I feared I might have it. A battery of tests found no cancer. Oh, the relief!

Rod recently went public about his battle at a cancer fundraiser. The 74-year-old Stewart urges other men to get checked on a regular basis because early detection is the key. He says, “Guys, you’ve got to really go to the doctor. Finger up the bomb, no harm done.” if you’re a guy, don’t let it creep you out. I’ve had more prostate exams than I can remember. It’s no big deal.


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