Wait, what is that?

I was watching Rob's forecast on Wednesday evening when I heard him say this and I stopped what I was doing to make sure I heard my friend correctly.

While there wasn't much to talk about in regards to precipitation on Wednesday evening, Rob couldn't help but note what KATC's new Power Doppler 3 picked up.

Rob pointed out that the disruption on the radar just to the east of Lafayette was not rain, but rather a flock of birds!

Twitter via wilabar
Twitter via wilabar

Yes, the new radar picked up a huge flock of birds moving from west to east, and with not much to talk about in regards to the weather, Rob took full advantage of this rare moment.

In addition to the birds on the radar, Rob even pointed out that large plumes of smoke were being detected by the radar too as farmers burn sugarcane just southwest of the city.

With this type of technology hunters in south Louisiana may be in for a treat in the years ahead.

Could you imagine if our friends inside the weather lab at KATC could tell you if it was a good morning to be in the duck blind? Just think about that for a minute.

Anyways, if you missed Rob signaling out the birds on the Power Doppler 3 radar, check this out.



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