KATC Storm Team 3 Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo offers his 10 - point assessment of Harvey's impact on Acadiana weather in the coming days.

Meteorologists get a bad rap on social media sometimes. I've seen our local meteorologists thrown under the bus in Facebook comments by people who think reading the Farmer's Almanac makes them a weather expert or that weather forecasting is a tool of Illuminati conspiracies. Meteorology is a science, but weather forecasting often involves educated guessing based on that science and experience and gut instinct.

What I've always appreciated about Rob Perillo is that he's a straight - shooter. He loves his chosen field and it shows, but he also knows that he's not doing weather forecasts for fellow meteorologist and climate scientists. He couches all of his forecasts and recommendations with frequent admissions that, despite the technology and knowledge at his disposable, he can't see the future and certainly can't control the weather. It's important to note that Rob was right on the money when it came to warnings in August of 2016, which some people seem to forget a year later when a few systems since then haven't panned out as predicted (yep, that's right, some people actually complained about missing out on a tropical storm).

Rob has shared an excellent 10 - point assessment of currently - Tropical Depression Harvey's potential impact on Acadiana. This is not an attempt at 'scaring' the public or being an alarmist, it's responsible weather forecasting and journalism. Rob believes that we should all be prepared for flooding rains even though the the most disastrous flooding will likely occur to the west of us, tropical storm surge watches to be extended from Texas to include parts of Louisiana, and that his current forecast could very easily change as the forecast track and intensity changes.

Click here to read Rob's full 10 - point analysis of Harvey and stick with KTDY as we bring you the latest weather news as soon as we receive it.

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