REELZ has announced the launch date of the much anticipated television show "On Patrol: LIVE". 

As we previously reported, this show will be much like what LIVE PD was on A&E.

The show will follow police officers from around the country and broadcast calls that they respond to on LIVE television.

"On Patrol: LIVE" will debut on RRELZ on July 22 and the excitement is already being felt across social media.

Many fans of "LIVE PD" have been waiting for a show like it to return, and it will be on July 22.

LIVE PD was canceled by A&E after tensions rose between police and some in the general public after the death of George Floyd.

Will you be watching and how do you feel about the show following police on LIVE television? Feel free to comment on the social media page that directed you to this story.

Here's the official announcement.

Check out what some are saying about the debut of the new show.

If you recall, Lafayette Police was one of the department producers of LIVE PD followed when the show was airing on A&E. There's no word on which departments will be featured on "On Patrol: LIVE".


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