Cajun Country Rice, Camellia Brand and Savoie's Foods are on a mission. The three companies want to celebrate a Monday tradition in Louisiana with the Red Beans and Rice: Monday's Favorite Meal Contest.

Legend has it that having red beans and rice on Mondays in Louisiana goes back to 19th Century New Orleans. After having pork on Sunday and since Monday was "wash day", families turned to a cheap and easy meal on Monday using the pork leftovers from Sunday. Red beans and rice Monday became a tradition and is still a grandmother approved staple throughout the state to this day.

Cajun Country Rice, Camellia Brand and Savoie's are synonymous with Louisiana. And speaking of grandmothers, all three companies have grandmothers who played pivotal roles in the companies' histories and development.

In an effort to educate the younger generation and bring the Monday tradition of red beans and rice to the top of mind for adults, these three Louisiana companies are launching an art competition.

Monday's Favorite Meal: Red Beans and Rice Art Competition is a contest to celebrate all things red beans and rice. The competition is open to Louisiana students grade 5 and up and to adults.

Cash prizes will be award in three categories:

  • Students grade 5-8
  • Students grade 9-12
  • Adults (anyone 18 or over who has completed high school)

Participants may enter the contest by creating a piece of art, taking and uploading two to three photographs of the artwork and submitting an official entry form. Contest end March 22, 2021.

Sponsor: Falcon Rice Mill, 600 S Ave D, Crowley, LA 70526

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