The two Grand Theaters, Grand 14 and Grand 16, are going to get a renovation that will include luxury recliners according to the Advocate.

The Grand 14 location on Kalliste Saloom Road will get the upgrade to the tune of $2 million, and the renovation means all their theaters will have power recliners.

The Grand 16 on Johnston Street will be getting the power recliners as, well, but one of their sixteen theaters will also have a new "Grand Premium Experience".

The Grand Premium Experience means that one of the theaters will get 4K laser projection which will come along with those recliners and a bigger screen. In addition to the to 4K, it will have Dolby Atmos Object-Based Surround Sound.

According to the Advocate, this level of sound is like a third level that you will be able to hear and experience both below and above your seat.

Other renovations will also be taking place at both locations.

The changes at the Grand 14 and the Grand 16 will be happening in phases, and according to management at Southern Theaters, the parent company of the Grand Theaters, all of the renovations will likely be wrapped up by the early part of this summer.

So get ready to go to the movies with your big bag of popcorn and soda and relaxed in a beautiful, luxury power chair.

If you're like me, and you love going to the movies, you are no doubt super excited about these renovations.

I am especially excited about the new Grand Premium Experience as I have heard about these in other areas, but I have never had the chance to experience it.

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