One of the things we missed the most in my family during the pandemic was movie night at our local theater. It was such a shame that so many theaters across America had to shut down, but now they are back up and running, with some exciting news for those of us here in Acadiana. I mean who doesn't look forward to the intoxicating smell of popcorn, and the anticipation of seeing a brand new film on the big screen? It's definitely better than watching on your phone, or at home with all the distractions.

The Lafayette Grand 16 Theater, located at 3141 Johnston Street is upping the experience for movie goers with the opening of a GPX theater this weekend. According to the Acadiana Advocate, the large auditorium will feature 4K laser projection, updated seating and other amenities beginning today, Friday, September 24. GPX stands for "Grand Premium Experience", and the Dolby Atmos sound and high-backed rockers will add to the fun atmosphere for theater goers.


James Wood, who is the CEO of VSS-Southern Theaters says, via the Advocate “We are excited to provide the Acadiana market a luxury movie-going experience with the addition of the GPX auditorium to The Grand 16 Lafayette."

Plans are also underway for luxury upgrades to two other Acadiana theaters owned by Southern Theatres as well - the Grand 14 Ambassador in Lafayette and The Grand 10 in New Iberia. Both Lafayette theaters will offer beer, wine, and and daiquiris, and according to the Advocate, for a limited time, The Grand 10 customers can buy tickets for only $5. Pass the popcorn and jujus, please.


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