Slime seems to be the new fidget spinner, so there's no use wondering why or fighting it. You can at least make sure your kids are making and playing with safe slime.

Back in the late 70s, toy slime was a big deal. Mattel (maker of Barbie) developed a recipe for slime that was safe and kids went crazy for it. Other toy companies bought the recipe and tweaked it for themselves. There was He - Man slime, Ghostbusters slime, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slime. Our kids had some and loved it, but it was not good for carpets and before you knew it, it dried out and was useless.

Everything seems to be cyclical these days, which means it's slime time again. Kids everywhere are making slime at home and there are hundreds of thousands of slime recipe videos on YouTube. Many recipes use Borax, but it's not really as dangerous as Internet rumors would have you believe. It is harsh on the skin and toxic if swallowed, so your best bet is to  make Borax - free slime. There are also hundreds of thousands of safe slime recipes out there, but this video has over 2 million hits and good feedback. Good luck with your slime - making, and if this recipe doesn't work, search for 'safe slime recipes' on YouTube and you'll have more recipes than you could ever hope to experiment with.

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