When the ‘Harry Potter‘ franchise was all the rage, some students brought the fictional game of Quidditch to life, even giving the sport a league of its own. With the impending release of the next big teen franchise, ‘The Hunger Games,’ a high school in Connecticut has created a real life version of the game — minus the ‘battle-to-your-death’ part. And would you believe it’s being hosted by the school’s library?

The library at the Bristol Eastern High School (BEHS) decided that staging a real ‘Hunger Games’ would be a fun way to test students’ physical, mental and artistic abilities. Along with the Cornucopia challenge” from the books and movie, students can participate in archery (but with toys, of course), along with a far less brutal assortment of events like trivia, a foot race, a fashion show and cake decorating. We’re not sure sure why the last two are considered games, but whatever.

BEHS even put their A/V department to work creating ‘Hunger Games’-inspired videos, like this ‘reaping’ (selection process) video hosted by the ‘Capitol’ librarian:

There are a few more videos available at BEHS’ channel, although we’re sure ‘Hunger Games’ author Suzanne Collins never imagined the cornucopia played out in the middle of a high school gymnasium.

We think it’s great BEHS is trying to making education fun, and encourage reading at the same time. With the ‘Hunger Games” surefire success at the box office, we’re certain other schools may soon be inspired by what BEHS is doing. Just pray the kids don’t take the games too seriously.

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