The website Reddit is a great source for, well, basically everything. Assuming that all you really needed out of that everything was an opinion. Reddit has a lot of opinions and they come from all walks of life. Which makes the diversity on the website really interesting.

There is a subreddit within the context of the larger website that focuses on life in Acadiana and Lafayette. There are also subreddits for many other communities in our state as well. I know there are subreddits from New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles, and even some of the other smaller communities and parishes too.

A posting by Reddit user Eleminohpe on the r/Acadiana page asked a very poignant and telling question. That question was " What do you see or hope to see in Acadiana/Lafayette Parish that would spark hope for the future in our area"?

As you might imagine the answers were wide and varied. Many of the responses were quite pointed and directed at current Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory, still, others actually thought about the question and provided some interesting fodder for further conversation.

Here are some of the most widely given or most unique answers that were featured on the page. Which by the way, you can read the comments from Reddit, right here.

11 Suggestions That Would Improve Life in Lafayette and Acadiana

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