It's a story we've been following.

KATC reports that the Rayne Police Department has arrested a man in connection to human remains being left at a local church.

Russell “Rusty” Richard of Rayne is accused of leaving human remains (bones) at St. Joesph Church in Rayne on the dates of May 18 and May 23.

Police say Richard admitted to taking the bones from a cemetery on the north side of Roberts Cove Highway, just outside of Rayne.

Authorities are working to identify who the remains belong to and hope to notify the family in the near future.

So what was Ricahrd's motive for taking the bones to church? Well, he told detectives that he took the bones to church to have them blessed and then reburied.

When those at the church found the remains near the entrance, they report finding them with notes and other items.

To read more on this case visit KATC News 3.


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