Is it just me or does the Vermilion Parish School Board/Superintendent Jerome Puyau situation appear to be an elephant and human cannonball away from becoming a full-blown circus? Last night the often twisted tale of the suspended superintendent arrived at a familiar spot in the proceedings, a dead end.

Earlier in the week, the VPSB had moved to hire outside counsel to investigate claims and allegations made against Puyau. Puyau was suspended from his position on August 6th. Last night the VPSB was advised by the attorney they had selected to handle those investigations that he would not be taking that assignment.

So, once again, the board is suspending the investigation of claims, that no one seems to want to discuss publicly, against Puyau. That investigation will be on hold until another counsel can be selected and approved by the board.

Also the board, in a move that probably shocked no one, decided to table advice from an outside hearing officer's report that Puyau should be reinstated immediately. The board apparently felt they needed more information.

Still, despite the hearing officers conclusion that Mr. Puyau should be back on the job he, Mr. Puyau, told KATC TV that he will remain on leave out of respect for the school board president's wishes. Attorneys for Puyau did send letters earlier in the week to all eight members of the school board informing them of potential legal action.

So basically we will end the week exactly the way we started the week in Vermilion Parish. The superintendent is on paid administrative leave, the school board is seeking counsel on allegations and complaints that have not been made public, and the students and educators of Vermilion Parish are watching precious funds being used for administrative instead of educational purposes.



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