One parent went the distance to make his point at a recent school district meeting.

Ira Latham, who is a father of four in Arizona, took his clothing off to show what a school district's new dress code policy would allow.

The district voted to allow a much more relaxed dress code, and some parents fear that kids will go too far when getting dressed for school.

Mr. Latham showed the members of the board what it may look like if they allowed kids to wear class on campus, and he did not hold back after removing his shirt and pants.

Other parents seemed to agree with Latham and they too fear that kids will wear clothing that is not appropriate for the classroom.


Under the new dress code policy in the Higley Unified School District, students will be required to cover up their undergarments, but it does allow for more skin to be shown. Thus, that is why some parents oppose this new dress code policy.

Now, while the policy has been amended, and according to some up to standards with other districts, those who oppose this relaxed dress code hope to address it again in the near future.

It will be interesting to see how far some students push the limit, and I too agree that teachers may be spending more time policing the dress code policy, rather than actually teaching.

Here's the dad stipping down before school board members to make a point.

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