When's the last time you were at a Mass that suddenly turned into a Mardi gras parade?

Facebook Via Shannon Magruder Ernst
Facebook Via Shannon Magruder Ernst


At Mass today (02/28/22) at St. Francis of Assisi in New Orleans, to the joy of Parishioners, Pastor Michael Schneller broke out into a Mardi Gras parade complete with throws as he exited the church.

As the alter boys walked behind him carrying the throws, Pastor Schneller, threw light-up bracelets to the kids in attendance.

Pastor Schneller's Second Line also included a piano player, a snare player, and even a trombone players

Shannon Magruder Ernst caught it all on Facebook -

"This sums up what makes New Orleans unlike any place on the planet. I went to Mass today at St. Francis of Assisi on State Street, where Julia Ernst is a cantor. At the end of Mass, Pastor Michael Schneller led a second line and tossed bracelets to the children in the congregation. It was incredible and illustrates just how special New Orleans is, and how wonderful this parish is. I’m so happy Julia is attending Loyola, has a job singing at a church that she loves, and is living in New Orleans full time. Happy Mardi Gras! Thankful that Carnival is back, and clearly so is Father Schneller! He is just the best. A true gem of a priest."


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