As reported by our media partners over at KATC-TV3, President Donald Trump will be visiting the Gulf Coast over the weekend to tour the damage that was left behind by Hurricane Laura.

Trump said that he will be visiting Texas and Louisiana over the weekend to assess what has been the most powerful recorded hurricane to ever hit Louisiana. Hurricane Laura showed us what she was capable of as the sun came up this morning, with the most significant damage happening in the South-Western portion of the state. You can see more photos of the aftermath in the Lake Charles area here.

We also saw a casino break loose from its barge and find a new home under a bridge due to Hurricane Laura's mighty force. That was not the only casino effected, as parts of the roof at the Golden Nugget casino in Lake Charles were blown off.

While outages, high waters, and fallen trees seem to be the biggest issues in the Acadiana area, Hurricane Laura did not forget to leave her mark on Downtown Lafayette.

Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 system.


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