President Donald Trump visited West Texas yesterday for a fundraiser and to visit an oil rig, where he spoke to a crowd of energy executives and workers.

During his visit, he was interviewed by local TV station KMID. In that interview, he hinted that Americans could be receiving more than $1,200 in the second round of stimulus checks.

When asked if a $1,200 direct payment was enough, Trump said, "We're going to see. It may go higher than that, actually."

“I’d like to see it be very high because I love the people. I want the people to get it, you know, the economy is going to come back,” Trump continued. “We saved millions of lives but now we’re bringing (the economy) back … we gotta take care of the people in the meantime.”

President Trump also remained optimistic about a COVID-19 vaccine, saying he thought there would be "something" before the end of the year, "but maybe sooner than that."

He also said that he would take the vaccine when it's ready.

“I would do it, yeah, I mean if I take it first they’ll say ‘he shouldn’t do it first,’ but if I take it last they’ll say ‘he shouldn’t take it last,'” Trump said.

While at the rig site during his visit, Trump signed and discussed pipeline permits that will allow Texas to export oil to Mexico.

“We will maintain this dominant position long into the future, we’ll never lose this position, by announcing today that export authorizations for American liquefied natural gas can now be extended through the year 2050,” President Trump said.

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