This past Monday night was supposed to be a historic night for the Powerball lottery game across the nation. Monday was supposed to be the first night of that multi-state game's transition to three drawings a week. You'd figure that since Powerball has been doing these kinds of drawings since 1992 they'd have it figured out.

Well, apparently even the best-laid plans can sometimes go astray. Those hoping to claim an estimated jackpot of $293 million at 9:59 pm Louisiana time found themselves waiting, and waiting, and waiting a little more.

Powerball officials said Monday's drawing was delayed because of "technical difficulties" they did not enlighten us as to exactly what those difficulties were but eventually the ping pong balls did drop and the history-making first Monday drawing of Powerball did happen just before 11 pm Louisiana time.

The numbers that were drawn for Monday, August 23, 2021, were:

17   36   47   60   61  with a Powerball of 15 and the Powerplay of x3.

Obviously, the next question is did anybody win the big money? The answer to that question as of right now is, "we don't know". The Louisiana Lottery Big Wins page lists the jackpot for Powerball as "pending". I can tell you from previous experience when you see a "pending" notification that usually means there was a winner.

However, because of last night's technical issues, we can't be sure if the notification has been posted because of a winner or another malfunction. The bottom line is we will keep you posted and update the story when the information becomes available.

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Drew Angerer, Getty Images

Meanwhile, tonight's Mega Millions drawing, that's the other multi-state lottery game, will take place, barring any technical issues at 9:59 Louisiana time tonight. The estimated jackpot in that game has been posted as $270 million. By rule, ticket sales must cease one hour before the drawing so if you want to play, make sure you get your ticket before 8:59 tonight.

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