It's the weekend! What's a big weekend in south Louisiana without potent potables? More than 5,000 people turned out for Patty in the  Parc Friday night. I'll bet a few may have overindulged. This concoction should make you feel better, at least for a while. It contains the usual stuff, V-8, worchestershire, 2 shots of Absolut, Tobasco, spiced beans, jalapeno slices, & spiced beans. The last time I put bacon in a "bloody," people gave me grief, saying it was under cooked. I like it chewy. This one has 2 slices of CRISP Richard's bacon, and a link of their smoked sausage. I added a tablespoon of salsa, and something new. Zatarain's spicy brown mustard. That stuff packs a kick! I gotta go. Time to head out to Russo Park.

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