This porch pirate thought he was about to make an easy grab and dash, but what actually happened turned out to be the exact opposite of everything this guy envisioned happening.

Posted to the YouTube channel StraightOuttaThe6TV Presents, the video starts as the home owner swings his front door open to catch a porch pirate in the act of stealing a package from his doorstep. Obviously surprised, the thief takes off running and hops into his car for a quick getaway...but that's where things went from bad to awesome.

As the thief attempts his getaway he slams it in reverse, whips his car around, and as he slams on the gas to accelerate forward he realizes he's got a problem. In his haste to flee the scene and escape arrest he didn't realize he had backed his car into a pile of snow.

That pile of snow made a citizen's arrest.

Try as he may, the bumbling porch pirate's efforts to get his car unstuck from the snow were fruitless. You can see reality slowly setting in as he realizes he's not going anywhere but to jail. The homeowner videoing the guy even begins to start feeling bad for the guy, to which his wife sharply reminds him "No Mercy"!

Eventually the Mississauga, Ontario police arrive and take over the situation.

Do Porch Pirates Go to Jail?

If you've been the victim of porch piracy, or a victim of any theft for that matter, you may be wondering what can actually happen to porch pirates if they're caught like the guy in this video. While the extent of the laws surrounding porch piracy will vary, because it involves the theft of mail it's a federal offense in any state.

In Louisiana porch piracy "is a felony that can carry a maximum of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine" according to

I'll be honest, watching this video I, like the homeowner, began feeling sorry for the guy. Thankfully his wife's "No Mercy" battle cry brought me back to reality as well and I was able to enjoy the satisfying moments unfolding before my eyes of seeing someone actually getting busted for this cowardly crime.

Hopefully the porch pirate also received a nice towing bill once he got out of jail.


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