The restaurant with the best spicy chicken sandwich ever (opinion, of course) has not announced that it is removing "Cajun Rice" from their menu. But, reports say, they have.

To be honest, I have to agree with Kody and say that Popeyes Cajun Rice was never my favorite (Mom taught me to be polite when talkin' 'bout other's cookin'). According to the story by The Takeout, it appears that they have dropped the Green Beans as a choice of side from their menu as well.

Though I disagree with the "take" on Popeyes Cajun Rice given in The Takeout's story, I totally understand the despair of having their favorite side being discontinued. It's like when I found out that Darby's Grocery on 16th Street was closed for good, and that I'd never have their Heaven-sent chili dogs ever again.

To be honest, I won't miss the green beans, either.

If Popeyes ever decided to discontinue their #9 with extra pickles, THAT's when you'll have to medicate me for a bit (Popeyes has the BEST spicy chicken sandwich in town. Fight me.)

If you just can't live without Popeyes Cajun Rice, the Dinner Then Dessert website has posted a copy-cat recipe.

Townsquare Media Staff Photo
Townsquare Media Staff Photo


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