Multiple news outlets are reporting that police made a visit to the home of Britney Spears to check on her after she posted a video on social media.

If you follow the pop icon on social media you may have noticed that she's posted some strange videos in recent months.

We've seen Spears dancing on poles, dancing in skimpy outfits and recently she was seen dancing with two large knives.

Well, it was the latter that sparked police to conduct a wellness check on the pop icon from Louisiana.

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Britney posted a video on her Instagram of her dancing and waving two large knives. This prompted some of her most loyal fans to express their concerns, so much so that police went to check on the singer.

Fox reports that police spoke to two representatives of Spears and after their conversation authorities determined that Britney was in no danger.

Still, some fans seem to be concerned about her mental health. She is going through a divorce from her husband, and since that announcement, her videos on social media have raised a few red flags for some.

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Sure, it's her life to live, but we have seen so many former pop stars spiral downward in the past, we hope that if she does need help she gets it soon.

Here's the video that had many of Spears' fans concerned. Oh, she said that the knives were fake and that she was channeling her inner Shakira.

If you recall, Shakira once danced with similar knives in a music video.

Here's a still shot of Shakira with knives, that Britney says she was emulating.


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