How are car thieves using Apple AirTags to steal vehicles? A police officer takes time to explain what you need to be aware of to keep your vehicle safe. Via Onur Binay Via Onur Binay

Thieves Using Apple Airtags To Steal Cars

Since Apple introduced the AirTag GPS device in 2021, rumors have been swirling on social media about sex traffickers using the devices to follow people.

You've also probably heard that car thieves are using the Apple AirTag GPS devices to track vehicles to steal.

Recently a police officer with the Toronto Police Dept. took to YouTube to warn people about how thieves are indeed using the devices to track vehicles they want to steal and offer some advice on how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

From -

"Breaking into vehicles in public places attracts attention. Car thieves find it easier to plant AirTags in out of sight areas of the car such as inside a car bumper, underneath the car, or in the vehicle's external electric connection port."

While you might be shopping at the mall or grocery store, thieves will case parking lots for vehicles they want to steal and attach an Apple AirTag GPS device in a spot where the owner won't notice it.

Then later that evening, the thieves simply track the vehicle to the owner's home and steal it while they sleep.

Even if you're an Android user, you can still fall victim to AirTag thieves.

Some tips offered to protect yourself from car theft are -

1. Use a steering wheel lock to discourage thieves from stealing your vehicle.

2. Inspect your car regularly and inform the authorities if you notice any suspicious devices or activity. 

3. Since most tracked vehicles get stolen from a driveway, park your vehicle in a locked garage instead if possible. 

You can find more useful tips at

Below is the video posted by the Canadian police offering more tips and advice.


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