If I asked you: What is the main ingredient a vehicle needs to keep moving?

The simple answer to that would be, you guessed it, gasoline.

Without gasoline, a vehicle cannot continue to keep moving, which is what one alleged car thief was trying to do recently after allegedly stealing a vehicle that was reported stolen out of Florida.

Pumping Gasoline
Cameron Spencer/Getty

Late one night earlier this month, Justin Cory Jennings of St. Petersburg, Florida, was seen walking southbound on Highway 26 near Crochet Road in Jennings. Police say it seemed suspicious so they began to investigate.

Turns out Mr. Jennings was allegedly walking door-to-door asking for gasoline and to be able to use a phone. The stolen vehicle he was driving ran out of gasoline approximately a half mile north of Crochet Road. The stolen vehicle was parked in a private drive.

Jennings has been arrested and booked into the Jeff Davis Parish Jail for Possession of Stolen Things.

With the high, record-setting price of gasoline, keeping those stolen vehicles fueled up while traveling across the country has gotten a lot more expensive!

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