Zachary Police Chief David McDavid is angry at a judge about one of his officers, Christopher Lawton, being killed in the line of duty this week.

Lawton was working undercover when 33-year-old Albert Franklin allegedly crushed the officer with a rental truck.

Just three months ago,McDavid complained about District Court Judge Trudy White lowering Franklin's bond on an unrelated crime.

"Like i said 3 months ago they need to look at his criminal history, granted everyone is innocent until proven guilty but when an individual continues to commit crimes week in and week out there's a problem there," says McDavid.

McDavid knew back then that Franklin was dangerous, he is appalled that White reduced Franklin's last bond.

"This guy was let out, i said it three months ago that he was going to kill or injure one of my officers and ultimately it happened," said McDavid.

A commissioner originally set Franklin's bond at $88,000, but Judge White lowered it to $9,000 on his latest arrest.

"They need to look at these individuals who continue committing crimes. I know they are for sentence reform and they got too many people in jail but we got to look at these some of these people don't deserve to get out," added McDavid.

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